Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register

Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register

Guide to Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register Are you considering Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register? Any nurse or midwife can make an application to be removed from the register.  Often this can be an option when they are face with a fitness to practice referral. Nurses and Midwives can pursue Voluntary Removal from […]

Nursing Associates – NMC to Regulate New Role

Nursing Associates

Nursing Associates – The Nursing and Midwifery Council have agreed to the request that they should take responsibility for regulating the newly created ‘Nursing Associates’ role. The NMC strongly believe that the public would expect that any role with Nursing in the title should be subject to proper regulation. This new role has been introduced […]

NHS under mounting pressure this winter

NHS under mounting pressure

NHS under mounting pressure – There has recently been a growing awareness that the NHS in the UK is under increasing pressure as winter strains on the service are proving to be the most acute for some years. In fact, according to recent media reports, more than four in 10 hospitals in England declared a […]