Increasing demands places on the NHS as the winter crisis deepens

NHS winter crisis ‘worst in a decade’

The Chief Executive of the General Medical Council; Charlie Massey yesterday released a statement detailing concerns expressed by doctors over increasing demands on the NHS as the winter crisis deepens. Doctors are reporting an unprecedented demand on services possibly the worst in over a decade.

NHS Winter Crisis
NHS Winter Crisis

He states that whilst the GMC has no role in how tax payers money is spent in the NHS they do have a responsibility to ensure hospitals are a safe training environment for doctors and patients and will act where there is evidence that this is not happening.

The GMC’s main function is to protect the public by ensuring that doctors meet the standards set and take action where it is believed that doctors may be putting the safety of patients at risk.
With mounting pressure on all NHS services across the UK and the Red Cross suggesting the NHS was facing a “humanitarian crisis” can those GMC standards realistically be met?

Dedicated doctors are working to full capacity under severe pressure where mistakes are likely to be made.

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