I offer help and assistance from the outset if there has been a complaint raised against you at work or a referral made to your regulatory body. The sooner you seek help from me the better the outcome usually is for you including minimising the stress you are under and the overall cost.

I offer help, advice and representation in the following areas:

How to respond to a complaints made about you at work
How to prepare for an interview under investigation at work
Representation at an investigation
How to respond to a suspension from duty
How to prepare of a disciplinary investigation
How to draft a statement in your defence
How to prepare for a disciplinary hearing
Representation at a disciplinary hearing
How to prepare for a disciplinary appeal
Representation at a disciplinary appeal
How to respond to an initial referral to your regulatory body
Advice on what to do about allegations made against you
Help and assistance in completing standards direction forms
Raising legal challenges against allegations
Preparation and drafting of legal arguments such as submission of no case to answer
How to prepare your case before the Case Examiners
How to prepare for a hearing before a Fitness to Practice Tribunal or Health Tribunal
Drafting of your statement for a Fitness to Practice of Health Tribunal
Drafting of witness / character statements in your support
General help on giving evidence in a tribunal
Representation at your hearing
Advice on any appeal against the decision of a tribunal
Advice on consensual panel determination
Advice on undertakings
Advice and assistance of registration and re-registration for professionals trained in the UK
Advice and assistance of registration and re-registration for professionals trained in the EU
Advice and assistance of registration and re-registration for professionals trained outside the EU
Advice on appeal against refusal of registration
Preparation for a registration appeal hearing
Representation at a registration appeal hearing
Advice and assistance regarding voluntary removal from the register
Advice and assistance on preparation for a restoration application
Representation at a restoration hearing

Help and assistance on securing an appropriate care package for your loved one
Help to challenge NHS or Social Services decisions regarding provision of care or funding of care
Advice on safeguarding and mental capacity issues
Advice on challenging deprivation of liberty decisions

Help and advice on what to expect of the process
Making submissions on your behalf to the Coroner regarding witnesses
Working with you to ensure all relevant evidence is before the court
Advice on instruction of experts
Representation at the inquest asking any questions of witnesses that you may have
Advice on giving evidence at the inquest
Advice on what happens after an inquest
How to challenge the coroner’s verdict

Help and advice on the charges you face
Advice on evidence
How to prepare for your court hearing
Drafting your defence
Representation at your hearing in any court
Advice on appealing your conviction or sentence