Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register

Guide to Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register

Are you considering Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register? Any nurse or midwife can make an application to be removed from the register.  Often this can be an option when they are face with a fitness to practice referral. Nurses and Midwives can pursue Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register at any time in the proceedings.

Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register
Voluntary Removal from the NMC Register

When the nurse or midwife admits that their fitness to practise is or has been impaired and they do not intend to practise in the future, the Nursing and Midwifery Council will then consider an application by that nurse or midwife to voluntarily remove themselves from the register in circumstances where it is not in the public interest to have a full hearing.

It is important to note that an application for Voluntary Removal is unlikely to succeed where allegations against them are so serious that there is likely to be public interest in proceeding to a full hearing. When considering the application the Assistant Registrar will have regard to certain factors;

  • the public interest
  • the interests of the registrant
  • comments from the person who had made the allegation / initial referral

Voluntary removal will not be considered when the nurse or midwife is subject to a final suspension or conditions of practise order. Where a nurse or midwife is subject to an interim suspension or conditions of practice order that order will need to be revoked before any application for voluntary removal can be granted.

If you have been referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council and are considering voluntary removal call me for help and advice.

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I am able to advise on how to respond to complaints, misconduct and impairment issues, registration, fitness to practice, interim hearings, restoration to the Register, preparation for hearings and bundle preparation, preparation for mitigation, and appeals and I can represent you all stages of the disciplinary and regulatory process and can appear before all tribunals and courts.

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