The Health and Care Professions Council has decided to lift a restrictive order placed on our client following representation from Kings View.

In this case, my client, H, did not accept dishonesty allegations made by the HCPC against them.  A finding was made against them in relation to the allegation, which resulted in a restrictive order being imposed.  By the time of the review hearing, H had worked extremely hard in terms of demonstrating insight and remediation, and the order was revoked.

Speaking about the case, Catherine Stock, said:

“This case demonstrates the importance of sourcing sound legal advice particularly in cases involving dishonesty and also the importance of maintaining strong advice after the substantive hearing and throughout the currency of any order and review hearing.”

H commented:

“Catherine has been professional, supportive and very honest during my long fitness to practice investigation. I was informed and prepared at each stage and always aware of the possible outcomes – I am now free to practice without any restrictions or cautions. I would highly recommend.”