Catherine’s client’s registration with the General Dental Council fully restored in a case also pointing to the importance of full remediation.

This case was a restoration case, the dentist having been removed from the register for a failure to have indemnity insurance in place and associated dishonesty.

Mentorship Programme

They instructed us just before a restoration hearing two years ago but at that stage had not undertaken the necessary remediation. They worked with us for the last 18 months in fully preparing for a successful restoration.

During this time, R attended a mentorship program through Insight Works Training (IWT).  Through this program, R gained an understanding of what is meant by current impaired fitness to practise and be able to demonstrate that you are not impaired through reflection, insight, and remediation.

IWT have highly experienced mentors ready to work with you to help guide you through the process to make sure you have a proper understanding of what will lead to the best outcome.

Representing R, Catherine Stock, said:

“This case demonstrates that if you undertake the steps, we advise you to your chances of being restored are significantly increased as you can demonstrate true insight.”

R said:

“I instructed Catherine Stock of Kingsview Chambers in Preparation for a Restoration Application, and Representation at a Restoration Hearing.


“Catherine’s preparation advice was invaluable. She recommended CPD approved Ethics & Probity courses, advice on writing my Reflective Statement, and a Mentorship programme. Catherine always responded to all my questions and concerns promptly and helpfully.


“Catherine prepared me for the hearing brilliantly. She guided me through the format of the hearing, and what to expect.  It can only be a 5 Star review from me. Professional, Affable, Available, Value for Money. Perfect end result.”