General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Barrister

I am a leading General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Defence Barrister with vast experience defending pharmacists and pharmacy technicians facing fitness to practise proceedings before the GPhC.

What I do

  • Applications for professional registration and appeals against decisions
  • Advising on investigations and, where appropriate, interviews under caution
  • Representation at interim orders hearings
  • Written submissions to the investigating committee
  • Representation before the fitness to practise committee
  • Appeals against fitness to practice committee decisions


Protect your career and reputation

As an experienced General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Defence Barrister, I understand the stress and serious implications for pharmacists or pharmacy technicians when facing a GPhC investigation.

I have extensive experience is acting for and representing pharmacists or pharmacy technicians during all stages of the GPhC fitness to practise process.

Contact me today for an initial free and no obligation consultation on 020 7060 1221 or


Catherine Stock barrister