Another case brought to a successful conclusion at Case Examiners stage, meaning that our client’s case did not need to proceed to a full fitness to practise hearing.

With the help and guidance from NMC fitness to practise defence barrister, Catherine Stock, our client, SM, was able to persuade case examiners that they had remediated past misconduct to such an extent that they are not impaired and are fit to practise.

Catherine said:

“Having been dismissed from post and referred to the NMC this was an excellent outcome in what was a complex case which could have resulted in a severe sanction had the nurse not taken steps to remediate and develop full insight into their conduct and impact of their actions on others.  This nurse listened to our advice and worked hard to act upon it”.

The nurse commented:

“I just wanted to contact you both to express my deepest thanks for all your advice, support and hard work throughout this investigation. It has been appreciated more than you will know.”