My client avoids lengthy fitness to practise hearing by agreeing to an Accepted Disposal.

In this case, the fitness to practise allegations made against our client, FG, was finalised by way of accepted disposal. The offer of an accepted disposal by SWE Case Examiners is fast becoming a standard way for SWE to dispose of cases.

Speaking about the case, Catherine Stock said:

It is extremely important to see legal advice if accepted disposals are offered. Social Workers need to be aware that there is a limited level of negotiation that can be done and that if the disposal is not accepted then the case will proceed to a full Fitness to Practise Hearing before a Tribunal. “As such, careful consideration of an offer from Social Work England is necessary for many reasons such as reputation, financial and many more.”

FG said:

“Catherine having knowledge and experience of Fitness to Practice issues was very important and made me feel I made the right choice. I used her services twice and would work with her again.”